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Marlin Lehmann, Jonas Lehmann, Johannes Waim.


Our Photography Equipment:


Nikon D90 + Nikon 70-300mm

Nikon D5000 + Nikon 18-55mm + Nikon 70-300mm + Nikon FISH-EYE 8mm

Nikon D3100 + Nikon 18-55mm + Sigma 70-300mm + Nikon FISH-EYE 8mm

Canon EOS 350D + Canon 18-55mm + Canon 70-300mm

Canon EOS 50D + Canon 18-135mm + Canon 70-300mm




Recent reports:





Forget these nasty winter days and enjoy summer weather and british charter - Welcome to Corfu!




Alps, sun and airplanes: Sounds like Milan! Check out pictures from Italy's second biggest airport!




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Grab bag in french? Toulouse! From the newest Airbus to ATR 72-600's. Fasten seatbelts and enjoy the November sun in southern France...




Upcoming trips:  



We're going to Florida for the second time! Soo excited to go on following flights:


Berlin Tegel - London Heathrow      British Airways Airbus A320

London Heathrow - Miami               American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER


New York JFK - London Heathrow  American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

London Heathrow - Berlin Tegel      British Airways Airbus A321